Praminthra Chitsabesan

MBBS MA(Oxon) PhD Cert.Med.Ed FRCS

Laparoscopic Colorectal and General Surgeon

Praminthra Chitsabesan is an experienced laparoscopic colorectal and general surgeon with a busy NHS practice covering many areas including major surgery for cancer and bowel problems to emergency and acute surgical issues. He has excellent expertise in hernias, haemorrhoids, bowel problems and incontinence.

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Groin hernias/swellings, inguinal hernias, femoral hernias, umbilical hernias and incision hernias as well as other causes of groin pain which is a common ailment. Major abdominal wall reconstruction.

Abdominal Complaints

Gallstones, reflux and gastritis, abdominal pain, changes in bowel habit to loose stools or diarrhoea or constipation, anal pain and itching and bleeding such as treatment for haemorrhoids.

Pelvic Floor Issues

Incontinence and faecal leakage; rectal prolapse, which can present as something coming out of the anus or bulging into the vagina and problems opening your bowels. I work closely with specialist urologists and gynaecologists to provide a holistic approach.

Why Choose Me?

We offer rapid access to appointments and investigations. I offer a consultant led and delivered service of the highest quality that is tailored to your particular needs. I provide expertise in many areas, including minimally invasive surgery, hernias, both small and massive, bowel conditions, including bleeding and treatment of haemorrhoids as well as faecal incontinence and prolapse. I will counsel you with appropriate information to give you a balanced view to ensure that you get the best possible treatment for you. This is not always the same for all patients, and you would be the heart of that decision making process, and it is essential that you are at the heart of this process.  

If you require expertise from other specialities then this would be done quickly and efficiently, for example, I work closely with upper gastrointestinal surgeons as well as pelvic floor MDT urology and gynaecology multidisciplinary teams on both sides. 

Preventative Care

Praminthra Chitsabesan is an expert in several areas covering abdominal hernias such as groin hernias and incisional hernias that occur after an operation on the tummy. He deals with simple inguinal hernias to complex abdominal wall reconstruction using both keyhole and traditional open surgery. He is an expert in diagnosing and treating bowel disorders and performing endoscopy and colonoscopy. He has worked with national preceptors in keyhole surgery for bowel conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, diverticular disease and cancer. He has worked in several centres for pelvic floor failure where he deals with faecal incontinence, but more importantly with a urogynaecologist and urologist as a multidisciplinary working team within York. He offers investigations to diagnose problems with the anal muscles.

Acute Symptoms

I offer diagnostics for many acute symptoms such as groin pain, abdominal pain or a change in bowel habit. As an acute surgeon also I have vast experience in diagnosing acute conditions and managing them, arranging urgent investigations and also, importantly, providing reassurance when ensuring these tests are normal 

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